A Pirate’s Tale

A Pirate’s Tale

Lyrics and Music by Nico Caynebard

Verse 1:

The Captain’s giving the order
to gather the whole crew.
he wants to start his journey,
he calls for me and you!

Lift up the anchor,
scrubb the whole rails
Climb on the jigger,
hoise the sails.


We are set ting the sails
returning to the ocean.
Setting the sails,
we are conquerring the sea.
Set ting the sails,
sail to monkey island.
set ting the sails
[to] where the pirate’s treasure lies.


Verse 2:

Now we are starting the journey,
we are pirates, it’s our life.
Our Union lasts forever,
always fighting side by side.
Feel the strong wind,
taste the air’s salt.
See our flag wafting,
never grow old.