Beyond Redemption

Beyond Redemption
Lyrics and Music by Pat Weazle

Verse 1:

We are here, our time now has come
We’re moving on, we’ve only just begun
We’re ready to rock, ready to blow your mind
We will prevail through all of space and time
Expect no mercy
Expect no fear
I hear them screaming
they disappear
You called for us and now we’re here
We’re movin‘ on
into a new millenium
movin‘ on
until the end of days
movin‘ on
into a brighter future
Beyond Redemption
we are here to stay
Verse 2:
The energy unfolds, you see the light
we’re moving on, we’re rockin’ you with pride
Here on stage we know just what to do
We play our music, always loud and true



released February 12, 2015