Cuddy Belle

Cuddy Belle (A Pirate’s Lovesong)

Lyrics & Melodie: Nico Caynebard
Arrangement: Pat Weazle

Verse 1:

Hiring a crew in the harbor
No chance to find a cook
the only prospect is a Jane
thank God for her blokish look.

Don’t want to kill her hideous
‘tis really was a scathe
for every pug-ugly scrubby old swap
to match in with my new mate


But with every day on the sea
Her ugliness fades away
And ev’ry rum makes her face less fearsome
Shwitz and Fetor ex or turn yum-yum.

Verse 2:

Her hair’s nor blonde nor brunette
Oily like a snag
Teeth in her mouth only three or four
and all of ‘em tarnished black

Entering the ship’s kitchen
Scent creepts into my nose
I hope that it comes from the fish ophal
But what I smell are her clothes.


But with every day on the sea (…)



With every day on the sea (…)

The first time since she is with me
the Rum ran out finally
In a clear moment I thought she’s the hobgoblin
and nudged her into the sea.